Deconstructing Prejudices; Building Bridges

Many a times we feel that the west is a certain way; East lives by a different set of values. We might not even need to go that far. Sometimes our focus, comparisons and prejudices just splinter through the neighborhood. From our vantage point; we instantly make opinions based on the other’s race, community, country, social status, religion, a news article, a book or movie we once saw or simply color of their skin. The day we have our first conversation or pack our bags, board a flight and head in different directions outside our cultural borders is the day our true education begins. The world turns smaller and more familiar as we collect our airline miles and the one thing we learn is our perceptions of the other were but a Mirage! Sitting within our borders, we seem to form opinions without actually experiencing, judgements without even having shared a dialogue and defend rules of our society or home to many a times simply justify the paths we take in life.

Mirage will be a journey to break exactly such prejudices through the amazing world of women (WOW). An attempt to travel the world not through our opinions but with real women from different parts of the world, our shared stories, expressed dreams, our motivations even preconceptions we carry. This will be a platform for the extraordinary stories of ordinary women.

A study of the collective woman appropriately reflects human journey through the ages. Throughout history women have been assigned varied social roles and our life steps seem decided even before we take the first breath. Many a times we know no different and here is a force of spirit and almost always; a capability beyond what’s ‘allowed’. So while politics and power continue drawing borders and serving their ambitions; Mirage women will quietly join hands to share strength, life stories, deconstruct prejudices and aim to show how similar the world really is – the fact that deep down we are no different than the other and the superficial façade we wear is wearing down the collective us!

If we reach even one woman in every country around the world; Mirage would have broken some barriers and built bridges of love & strength.

Strength; to understand and embrace who we truly are.

Love; to see beyond the differences and recognize the similarities.

So here’s to traveling the world – One story at a time!

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One Journey; Myriad Perspectives