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Child Marriages – July 2015

How A Determined Teen Helped Put An End To Child Marriage In Malawi

Memory Banda’s life took a divergent path from her sister’s. When her sister reached puberty, she was sent to a traditional “initiation camp” that teaches girls “how to sexually please a man.” She got pregnant there — at age 11. Banda, however, refused to go. Instead, she organized others and asked her community’s leader to issue a bylaw that no girl should be forced to marry before turning 18. She pushed on to the national level … with incredible results for girls across Malawi.

Malawian chief annuls 300 child marriages, sends kids to school

July 2, 2015 — A female traditional leader in the southern African nation of Malawi has confronted the practice of child marriage by annulling 300 of these marriages and sending the children to school.

Malawi Chief Annuls Over 300 Child Marriages



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