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The best way to travel the world is through its incredible people and our shared perspectives. Share stories of the amazing women around you, their experiences, concerns, joys, growth, dreams or fears. We will appreciate if you take a moment to send us few lines, some pictures maybe or write more than that. Show glimpses of your country, community, neighborhood, family and friends.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Together we learn,
together we grow,
As we join our hands,
I am unique, different and so similar; we know.
Our shared view
of journeys traveled and paths ahead.
Chains that shackle
some facades, let’s shed.
Living one life
on separate piece of land
beyond race, culture, creed, tradition
Human, we stand.

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Your contribution will be posted under your name or anonymous, if you prefer. But do add in your age and nationality. It will help us build a world map of experiences.

Hugs & Smiles*
WOW Team


2 thoughts on “Share your Story”

  1. Brief Bio: Twin sisters Nungshi Malik & Tashi Malik
    At the young age of 23 years, Nungshi and Tashi Malik have achieved several global gender iconic milestones. They are world’s first female twins to scale Mt Everest, first twins and siblings to climb the famed ‘Seven Summits’ (highest peaks in all continents) and have been featured in 60th edition of Guinness World Records). Having successfully completed last degree ski to the North and South Pole for another world’s first, they have become world’s first siblings and twins to complete the prestigious ‘Adventurers Grand Slam’ and ‘Three Pole Challenge’. They are also world’s youngest persons ever to complete it.
    In addition, the sisters have also achieved several national and regional records, which include ‘youngest and fastest South Asians to scale the Seven Summits, youngest South Asians to reach South Pole on Skis, youngest South Asians to reach North Pole on Skis, first Indian women to climb all seven summits in first attempt, first South Asian women to complete ‘Adventurers Grand Slam’.
    The twin sisters have been most widely reported mountaineers in Indian media. The world media has also frequently reported on them. They have been covered by all the well-known electronic and print media.
    The twins’ quest for the Seven Summits was inspired by the cause of the Indian girl child which they named #mission2for7 and now mission#UnchaiyonSeAage (hindi words meaning ‘beyond heights’) to become world’s first siblings to complete Adventurers Grand Slam.
    Nungshitashi’s have been made the brand ambassadors of Uttarakhand state (India) for its ‘beti-bachao’ (protect the girl child) campaign. Last year they were also nominated Uttarakhand ‘state icon’ for India’s general elections to increase awareness and voter turnout.
    The twin sisters are accomplished public speakers and have delivered inspirational talks across India and in several countries abroad such as USA, Brazil, Nepal, Chile and New Zealand. They have also delivered TEDx talk in New Delhi.
    NungshiTashi have impressive academic record. Apart from a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication, they have 17 credit points for Masters in peacebuilding from, School of International training, Vermont, USA and are currently studying Graduate diploma in Sport and Exercise under first New Zealand India Sports Scholarship, a project of New Zealand’s Prime Minister. They have been selected by the US state Dept for its prestigious ‘Global Sports Mentoring Program’ to be held from mid Sept to end Oct this year in the USA.
    Apart from their interest in Peaceful Conflict Transformation, the twins have strong social activist orientation, especially on gender issues. To continue to promote gender equality in India, the ‘Everest twins’ as they are popularly known, have started ‘NungshiTashi Foundation’.
    They plan to continue higher studies in sport and exercise up to doctoral level and pursue career in sports and outdoors. Among their strategic goals is the establishment of world class ‘centre of excellence in mountaineering’ in India.


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